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Mid-size Truck

Honda Ridgeline or Similar

Branch: Bozeman, MT
Starting at


Miles Included: 300 /day
Unlimited Miles Available with additional charge.
5 People
4 Bags
In-Bed Trunk
All Wheel Drive

A truck rental is helpful when needing to move furniture or haul yard waste. It’s all-wheel drive is also helpful when having to drive on less than ideal road conditions. The Honda Ridgeline seats 5 passengers with the truck bed still available for luggage. Features all-wheel drive while getting 18 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

Truck Bed Info:

  • Total Payload: 1499lbs
  • Truck Bed: 64in (L - Tailgate Closed) x 60in (W - Bed Walls)
  • In-Bed Trunk Volume: 7.3 cu ft

NOTE: Towing is NOT Allowed.